KACS assists persons with developmental disabilites and their families to build their capacities and capabilites.   We strive to acheive the needs of our clients with offering the follwoing services listed:

All of our staff are certified and have experience in working with IDD and mental health. Every employee has up to date physicals, CPR and First Aid training, in addition to all documentation and training required by both Allegheny County and The State of Pennsylvania. We continuously train all staff on mobility and cognitive behavioral strategies that in turn help our consumer grow and prosper, in both physical and mental areas.

Community Involvement

Keliser is proud to say we are actively involved in the community. We make sure our consumer and staff is aware of activities happening in and around the city. Our consumers have served as volunteers, participated in community days, and awareness events to promote the support and knowledge of a wide array of diagnoses.


 All of our homes have designated vehicles reflective of the needs of each individual. We also have state of the art equipment for those with mobility challenges to ensure a fluid process when traveling. ​


Staying active is necessary for healthy living. We consistently engage in outings that promote a great quality of life. Annually, we go on a family vacation that is applicable to our consumers wants and likes. 


Our consumers live in clean environments that are free from harm. We take pride in providing an extraordinary standard of living. We value the wants and needs of our consumers and customize their living space. We strive to optimize an extreme level of comfort and happiness.